Welcome to Our Monkee Love Auction!

Who are the Monkees? We are a group of very different people with one common belief: We Belong To Each Other. You can read more about us here and here.

Who are Evy and Rocky? Evy is a very little girl fighting a very big disease called cancer. And she's winning. Read more about Evy here, here and here. Rocky is another little girl fighting a big disease called HIV. Rocky's going to win, too. But she's in Africa now, and she needs to get home to her family in Canada to start receiving the proper medical and love treatments. Evy belongs to Jill and Rocky belongs to Tova.

But really, We all Belong To Each Other.

Which is why we're here. Which is why you're here. During the next 48 hours, we plan to raise enough money to send Evy to rehabilitation camp in March and to bring Rocky home to her family in 2011. We're gonna do it. We can feel it.

Please browse the items below, which were donated with love by fellow Monkees. Decide on something wonderful, and add a comment with your bid. This auction will end on Tuesday evening at 8pm EST. On Wednesday morning, auction winners and donors will be matched up to arrange shipping, and payment will be collected via our Monkee PayPal account. All proceeds will be kept public, and I (Glennon) will write the checks to Tova and Jill on Wednesday night.

And on Thursday We Will All Be Very Thankful, Indeed. That turkey's gonna taste so good this year.

Thank you visiting, Thank you for bidding, Thank you for believing.

Love, Glennon, Andrea, and TWMF (The Whole Monkee Family)

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They are paper bead necklaces, made by women in Uganda. Each bead is hand made by rolling strips of colorful, recycled paper and then sealing them with a coat of varnish. Each necklace is totally unique and I can stare at mine for hours, always discovering something new. These necklaces were bought by a  friend of Tova's for full market value in Uganda, so there has been no middle man profiting from these. She donated them to us as a fundraiser. The strands are on average 24" long, so can be worn double or triple around the neck, or wrapped around the wrist for a wide bracelet. 

About us (from Tova): We are adopting 'Rocky' from South Africa, who is HIV+. She is 3 years old, and while we don't yet have a photo, we have heard that she is very cute and sweet.  :).

Blog is: wholetthishappen.wordpress.com

Tova donated these necklaces to benefit Kathleen who you can read about below. 

Each Necklace is $25 
(From Andie: I have one of these and absolutely love it!!! I wear it as a necklace-in 2 different ways and as a bracelet)

“Rwanda is my home, and it is here that I intend to spend the rest of my days. Its beauty is my inspiration. Its struggles have been my struggles. Its grief has been my deepest sorrow. Its people are my strength, and its children are my greatest joy.”
~ Excerpt from Land of a Thousand Hills by Rosamond Carr

My name is Kathleen Kishman and I am a senior at Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio. Each day I begin to appreciate all that I have been given in life a little bit more. I am fortunate to have a loving, healthy and supporting family; I am fortunate to be the cousin of the amazing, inspiring woman that is Glennon Doyle Melton; I am fortunate to have been a member of the one percent of people in the world to go to college; And this year I, along with 14 other senior students, have been fortunate enough to be given the incredible opportunity of traveling to Rwanda and Uganda over our winter break. On November 27th we will leave for Africa for a two and a half week trip. During this trip we will learn first hand the history and culture of these countries and also implement the service projects we have been working to create this quarter.

While in Rwanda, we will be living and working at the Imbabazi Orphanage located in Mugongo, Rwanda. In the native language of the country, Kinyarwanda, Imbabazi means “a place where you will receive all the love and care a mother would give.” There are currently 110 children at Imbabazi who were lost or orphaned by the Rwanda genocide in 1994. The orphanage was founded by Rosamond Carr, an American woman who had lived in Rwanda since 1949. This orphanage has not only provided a place for these children to live, it has provided safety, a home, and a family.

After discussing the needs of the Imbabazi Orphanage with staff on site, we have begun an effort to raise money to purchase textbooks which are so desperately needed for these amazing children. Previously, there was only one textbook per class (which was used by the teacher). Additionally, we would like to give each child a backpack with a notebook, pencil, and other supplies so that they can have something which they can call their own.

We hope that you will agree to help us in this effort. There are several opportunities to help, including donating school supplies or by sending in a monetary donation. All of the proceeds will be going directly to the purchasing of textbooks and school supplies. I invite you to look at the Imbabazi website at www.imbabazi.org for further information on the orphanage or contact me at kathleen.kishman@otterbein.edu.

Kathleen Kishman

$25 for each necklace
Comment below if you would like to purchase one and you will be contacted by Tova to arrange shipping and payment!



  1. I will take one:) Beautiful! Proud of you, Kathleen!

  2. Monkee Kathleen wants one!

    (Ireland, Newlywed Kathleen, not Rwanda Kathleen!)

  3. I will take 4 - (one for me, of course, and three gifts!)