Welcome to Our Monkee Love Auction!

Who are the Monkees? We are a group of very different people with one common belief: We Belong To Each Other. You can read more about us here and here.

Who are Evy and Rocky? Evy is a very little girl fighting a very big disease called cancer. And she's winning. Read more about Evy here, here and here. Rocky is another little girl fighting a big disease called HIV. Rocky's going to win, too. But she's in Africa now, and she needs to get home to her family in Canada to start receiving the proper medical and love treatments. Evy belongs to Jill and Rocky belongs to Tova.

But really, We all Belong To Each Other.

Which is why we're here. Which is why you're here. During the next 48 hours, we plan to raise enough money to send Evy to rehabilitation camp in March and to bring Rocky home to her family in 2011. We're gonna do it. We can feel it.

Please browse the items below, which were donated with love by fellow Monkees. Decide on something wonderful, and add a comment with your bid. This auction will end on Tuesday evening at 8pm EST. On Wednesday morning, auction winners and donors will be matched up to arrange shipping, and payment will be collected via our Monkee PayPal account. All proceeds will be kept public, and I (Glennon) will write the checks to Tova and Jill on Wednesday night.

And on Thursday We Will All Be Very Thankful, Indeed. That turkey's gonna taste so good this year.

Thank you visiting, Thank you for bidding, Thank you for believing.

Love, Glennon, Andrea, and TWMF (The Whole Monkee Family)

PS Be sure to click "OLDER POSTS" to see all the items.


Barn Owl Primitives Sign number 2 : vrwfox- $100
We Can Do Hard Things Sign : Tree - $150
Black and White Pearl bracelet Set : Allison S - $80
Beautiful Classic Pearl Necklace : Kristy Hogan - $75
Beautiful Ring from Touchstone Crystal : Lindsay Ann - $45
6 Month Membership to Gold's Gym : Leigh F - $50
Pink Onesie : Jennifer $25
Nursery Artwork : Ann $75
Marriot Getaway!! : shaunak $175
DVF Sadie Organizer : Karen $75
Diane Von Furstenburg Scarf Bag: ejschlo $115
DVF Evening Bag: Jen Botta $80
Painting donated by Big Daddy Leather: Laura $40
Glorious Gifts Guardian Angels: Jenny $45
Glorious Gifts Universal Peace Symbol Ornament : Heather M $34
Glorious Gifts Mystery : Kathleen $35
Jesus Calms the Stormy Sea Ornament : Jenny $25
Letter Fun Lotto by Discovery Toys : Stephanie J $22
Handmade Necklace and Earrings Set : Nancy R. $55
Hairbows from Cary Hairbows : Colleen $30
Family Photo Session from Barefoot Moments Custom: Shanna $100
Gift Certificate from JMannis Creations: Steven Buxton $80
Bubbity Baby Play Mat: Shanna $50
Silpada Designs Jewelry Gift Certificate : Jastar $25
Stationary Set : Dana $50
Blue Bracelet from Rwanda : Jenny $30
Paperbead necklace handmade in Rwanda: Anne $50
Black Bracelet from Rwanda : Jenny $30
Yellow Bracelet from Rwanda : Jenny $25
Paperbead Earrings: Allison $50
Multicolored Basket Handmade in Rwanda: Jeannie C $30
Multicolored Baskets from Rwanda: Mawtha $50
Living is Giving Pendant : Kristy M $45
Bun Bun Bag #1: Kathleen $45
Bun Bun Bag #2 Jaime A $75
Arbonne Pampermint Gift Set: Michele $35
Arbonne Pampermint Gift Set: Andrea $37
Lord's Chapel by Colleen Conrad: Jennifer $50
Shirts That Go- 2 shirts that goooo!! : Megan $45
Quillpack by Mother Daughter Designs : Sue Ann $55
The Quillow by Mother Daughter Designs : Rachael $40
Necklace donated by Tesoro Art : Chris $65
Bob Owl Boutique Gift Collection: Andrea $52
Fused Glass Wall Hanging by Tesoras Art : MK $25
Bob Owl Boutique : Liz Anderson $85
Signed Dodgeball DVD: Molly O $40
Tutoring in Nothern Virginia: Jennifer $15
Harrisonburg, VA Getaway! : Kristy M $100
Watercolor Print-White Rose By Elliot Azzam : Jennifer $40
Watercolor Print-Red Rose By Elliot Azzam: Tamara $40
Watercolor Print -Iris By Elliot Azzam: Jason Sabel $50
Watercolor Print Sunflower by Elliot Azzam: Jennifer $75
Monkey NoteCards - Lou $50
Candlelight Tour - Laura $550

YOU WON YOU WON! Now what?
  1. Pay by clicking the button that says, “PAY NOW” (If you do not pay by noon tomorrow, item goes to next highest bidder) and in the "item" box, list items won.
  1. In the comment section of this post, leave your name and email address and the item you won. We suggest leaving it like this: amcconnell5(at)verizon (dot) com so you can avoid spam
  1. The person who donated the item will contact you. Donors...please make sure to contact the winner of your item!!!
  1. If you don’t hear from the donor by tomorrow evening, please contact Glennon or Andie at momasteryauction@gmail.com.

1. When paying via paypal, be sure to include your email address and mailing address so the item can be shipped to you.
2. Include the item(s) you won.

Thank you for your generosity, kindness and for being a part of this wonderful auction!!!



  1. Colleen Carpinelli
    the Cary Hairbows!
    I also bought a Guilt Free Ugandan necklace

    (I think I was first - G...did I do it all right??)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. YAY! Good job Colleen!

    So now, you should

    1) Pay for both items on pay pal
    2) Wait for Shannon and Tova to contact you about shipping!

    PS. Noone has any idea how hard this is for my half brained self. Thank you, God, for sending Andrea. Who totally has a whole brain.

  4. Also...don't forget to add your email addresses so the donors can contact you!

  5. WHOLE BRAIN? I just totally screwed up what I have to post and had to delete it. seriously...we are lucky that 1/2 +1/2= a whole...

    Andie McConnell
    Guilt Free necklace
    Pampering stuff from Arbonne
    Bob Owl gift set

  6. Um G...my email address is up there. :) I did the Paypal piece and got two receipts. Let me know if they don't show up! Congrats you two - what an awesome venture this has been!

  7. Colleen, I deleted my post without the email address which is what G was talking about. She was just trying to be nice and not point out my error...

  8. Jeannie Cimino
    jeancimino(at)gmail (dot) com
    I won the ONE multicolored basket handmade in Rwanda (and I'm soooooo excited to give it to my mom for Christmas!)

    Thanks for doing this Andrea and Glennon!

  9. Stephanie Johnson
    Letter Fun Lotto by Discovery Toys
    stephaniejnsn at msn dot come

  10. Jen Botta


    DVF Evening Bag.

    Fantastic event, great job!

  11. Kristy Morgan
    kristy (dot) Morgan (at) quintiles (dot) com
    I won 3 items - yay!

    beautiful pearl necklace
    living is giving pendant
    JMU getaway - go Dukes!

    Thanks Andrea and Glennon for coordinating such an incredible auction for these girls!

  12. Karen Raffel

    DVF Sadie Organizer

    This was so much fun! :)

  13. I just paid at paypal... I did one transaction for $220 (combined all 3 items)... I hope that's okay! :)

  14. Hi,
    I just made a paypal transaction for $175 for the Marriott points. My e-mail address is: shaunaklem(at)hotmail(dot)com

  15. Thank you Monkees. Paypal done. Despite actually being an Allison S. too, I'm the "Allison" without last initial lower on the list for Paperbead Earrings.

  16. Heather M.


    Universal Peace Christmas Ornament

  17. Virginia Fox


    Barn Owl Primitives Sign #2 (thanks for adding a second one!)

    I did a quick count before the auction closed and the total looked amazing! Great job-- and so excited for Evy and Rocky!

  18. Kathleen S

    Glorious Gifts Mystery
    Bun Bun Bag #1

    And don't worry - I don't need anything shipped to Ireland! xxx

    Also should I paypal the Guilt Free Ugandan necklace as well? if so let me know and I will do it straight away! This was/is awesome and you all did an amazing job xxx

  19. Yes, go ahead and paypal the ugandan necklaces too!

  20. Way to go Monkees!!

    Quillpack by Mother Daughter Designs

  21. Kathleen

    Ugandan paper necklace - I can't wait to wear it! (this was the item for me :)

  22. Betsy Schloesser

    I did two separate paypal transactions for:
    DVF Scarf Bag and $ 4 guilt free Ugandan Necklaces


  23. Dana Hendrickson
    Stationary (yay Casey!!)
    Did paypal and totally forgot to list my item


    Amazing job ladies!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Great event! I won the nursery art from Jo. When I paid thru PayPal, I forgot to put the item, but it's the $75 payment from Leslie Miner...I go by my middle name Ann. My email is leslieannwaller(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks again!

  25. So much goodness! I won the silpada gift certificate and bun bun bag #2.
    Feel so honored to be a part of this amazing group of Monkees. Headed to pay pal now!
    My email is jarnott2(at)gmail(dot)com.
    Jamie A

  26. I won the Beautiful Ring by Touchstone Crystal. My email address is lindsay_a_chapman(at)hotmail(dot)com

  27. Steven Buxtion

    Item: Gift Certificate from JMannis Creations
    Email: want_my_s2000(at)hotmail(dot)com

    Paypal payment came from billing(at)broadlandswireless(dot)com

  28. My friend Leigh F is away from her computer, so I am responding on her behalf. She won the Golds Gym membership! Her email is lfeigenbaum(at)gmail(dot)com.

  29. Item: Dodgeball DVD
    Email: mosyf(at)hotmail(dot)com


  30. Teresa Brooks

    we can do hard things sign


  31. Well done ladies.


    2 paperbead necklaces from Rwanda

  32. Allison Shinn
    item:Black and White Pearl Bracelet Set
    I'm so glad I found Momastery just in time for this event. An amazing way to start off the holiday season. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.

  33. Jennifer Orr (Jenny)
    Glorious Gifts Guardian Angels
    Jesus Calms the Stormy Sea Ornament
    Blue Bracelet from Rwanda
    Black Bracelet from Rwanda
    Yellow Bracelet from Rwanda
    Woo-hoo! This was the best Christmas shopping ever!

  34. Megan Shope
    Shirts that Go!

    I can't wait for my boys to open these shirts on Christmas! Thanks so much for all of your hard work!

  35. For those of you who bid on and won the items from Elliot Azzam, she will not be in touch until Saturday or Sunday. She is without internet connection!
    To move things along, feel free to send your info to :

  36. It's Dana...paying and responding for my mom since she had a computer breakdown. She won the handmade necklace and earrings set. I paid through my paypal account ($55)


  37. Tesoro art fused glass wall hanging
    Tesoras art necklace (My husband, Chris Gregory won this item for me (sweet man), but it will be easier to communicate with me via email than with him.)

    MK Gregory

  38. Pink onesie
    Lord's Chapel by Colleen Conrad
    White Rose print by Elliott Azam
    Sunflower print by Elliott Azam

    Jennifer Williams

  39. Watercolor - Iris print by Elliot Azam

    Jason Sabel

  40. I hope I'm not too late!! We were traveling over Thanksgiving and left before the auction was final. Of course, we were in the rural wilds without internet, too. A nice break, but ack! I'm heading over to do the PayPal payment for the Bob Owl Boutique ($85) now...consider it a straight-up donation if the item has already moved on without me.



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