Welcome to Our Monkee Love Auction!

Who are the Monkees? We are a group of very different people with one common belief: We Belong To Each Other. You can read more about us here and here.

Who are Evy and Rocky? Evy is a very little girl fighting a very big disease called cancer. And she's winning. Read more about Evy here, here and here. Rocky is another little girl fighting a big disease called HIV. Rocky's going to win, too. But she's in Africa now, and she needs to get home to her family in Canada to start receiving the proper medical and love treatments. Evy belongs to Jill and Rocky belongs to Tova.

But really, We all Belong To Each Other.

Which is why we're here. Which is why you're here. During the next 48 hours, we plan to raise enough money to send Evy to rehabilitation camp in March and to bring Rocky home to her family in 2011. We're gonna do it. We can feel it.

Please browse the items below, which were donated with love by fellow Monkees. Decide on something wonderful, and add a comment with your bid. This auction will end on Tuesday evening at 8pm EST. On Wednesday morning, auction winners and donors will be matched up to arrange shipping, and payment will be collected via our Monkee PayPal account. All proceeds will be kept public, and I (Glennon) will write the checks to Tova and Jill on Wednesday night.

And on Thursday We Will All Be Very Thankful, Indeed. That turkey's gonna taste so good this year.

Thank you visiting, Thank you for bidding, Thank you for believing.

Love, Glennon, Andrea, and TWMF (The Whole Monkee Family)

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Bun Bun Bag #1

Beautiful Bun Bun Bag 
The "Daisy" is a perfect bag for a busy mom, working woman or even a little girl! Its size and shape are deceivingly roomy and can handle a file folder, clipboard and all kinds of other junk. Two interior pockets and a magnetic snap closure make this bag great for any purpose!
PLUS a $20 Gift Certificate for Bun Bun!!!


Bidding starts at: $10.00
Bid increments $2.00

Colleen is one of the women that makes up the ownership team of Bun Bun Bags, a custom handbag company. By making purses, one by one, stitch by stitch, Bun Bun Bags works to match the unique look of the bag with the spirit of the customer who designed it. By selling the bags in a no-pressure environment, Bun Bun Bags makes sure you can enjoy time with your friends. To some a handbag is just an accessory, a way to carry personal belongings. To us it is an extension of your personal style. It represents one way that you choose to present yourself to the world. Our handbags also represent fun. They provide a chance to be together with your friends. We’ve designed our parties to emphasize these relationships. We built this company based on friendships, so we know how important they are.
Online ordering now available! www.bunbunbags.com

Bid starts at $10.00
Bidding in Increments of $2.00